Class Descriptions

*Not all classes are offered each session

Puppy Class

Pre-requisite: For puppies 3 months to 6 months; must have had basic shots.

What you will learn: All skills will be taught on leash. Puppy will learn positive first experiences, play and release, meeting strangers, petting pup. At the end of the class, puppy will learn to sit, down, come, release word, get on your mat, grooming and toenails, loose leash walking, house training, crate training, mouthing/drop it, targeting, walking on a variety of surfaces.

Basic Manners 1 Class

Pre-requisite: For dogs six months and older. Dogs must have completed a puppy class or have learned to walk on leash, do not show aggression towards other dogs or people, should have had all vaccinations.

What you will learn: Basic skills include: targeting, heel position, attention/watch me, attention with distractions, training  games, down on mat/park it, stay in sit or down, return to heel position, spin left and right, fast and slow pace, turns left, right, and about, circle left and right. Plus, help with separation anxiety and fear issues, fun and running recalls, fronts and figure 8.

Basic Manners 2 Class

Pre-requisite: Must have completed Basic Manners 1 class.

What you will learn: Dog understands release word, footwork for turns, tight circles left and right, bowl work, formal heeling with attention, fun and formal recalls, sit, down stay for 1 minute; stand stay, sit and stand for exam, fronts and finishes, figure 8, go around objects and people; games, e.g., red light, green light and crate games, it’s your choice.

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)/Tricks Class

Pre-requisite: Dogs should be able to perform all Basic Manners 1 skills with one command and should have knowledge of skills in Basic Manners 2.

What you will learn: The Canine Good Citizen Program teaches good manners to dogs and responsible dog ownership to their owners. The 10-step CGC test is a non-competitive test for all dogs, including purebreds and mixed breeds. It is a pre-requisite for many therapy dog groups; and some homeowner’s insurance companies encourage CGC testing. The CGC is an AKC title. Plus, each week you will learn a new trick so your dog can earn an AKC novice tricks title on the same night as the CGC evaluation. Check out, click on sports and events, look through the list to find CGC and tricks info.

Rally Novice/Intl/Advance Class

Pre-requisite: This class is for dogs and handlers who have knowledge of basic obedience exercises as taught in the CGC/Tricks class and Basic Manners 1 and 2.

What you will learn: Students will learn rally exercises, signs, and procedures for novice and intermediate levels. Sequences and courses will be practiced. Students remain in this level until skills are mastered. Students will be encouraged to participate in Rally Novice trials. Limit 8. Check out, sports and events, find AKC Rally for all levels.

Rally Ex/Masters Class

Pre-requisite: Novice/intermediate skills mastery is required for the class.

What you will learn: This class is designed for students preparing to compete in Rally Advanced/Excellent trials. Teams learn the correct performance of Rally Advanced and Excellent signs. Class participants will practice skills through sequences and courses. Contact the Training Director if you are interested.

Competition Rally Class

Pre-requisite: Rally Advanced/Excellent class completion, or skill verification and permission of instructor.

What you will learn: This class is designed to provide experience in performing AKC Advanced and Excellent and Masters level courses and to ensure that handlers are familiar with AKC Rally Advanced/Excellent/Masters rules and regulations. Dogs should be proficient in performing all signs and skills required at every level of Rally. Class participants will receive practice and coaching in running courses. Class will include Rally Advanced/Excellent/Masters Run Throughs.

Beginner Agility Class

Pre-requisite: Basic Manners, and, if possible, CGC class.

What you will learn: Novice agility skills will be taught; includes contact equipment, six weave poles, jump skills, tunnel. Students and dogs will practice skills and run short novice level sequences. Handling skills and obedience in the ring will be worked on. Students will take this class several times before moving on to Agility 2. Check for information about agility.

Intermediate Agility Class

Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Agility I class, or approval of the instructor.

What you will learn: These are skills needed for Open agility; including 12 weave poles, contact performance, sequences are 6 to 12 obstacles, begin working on distance, handling skills for crosses and more difficult sequences.

Advanced Agility Class

Pre-requisite: Should be proficient on all equipment and doing 12 weave poles. This class is by instructor permission only.

What you will learn: These are Advanced and Excellent skills for those competing or almost ready to compete in trials.

Beginner NoseWork Class

Conformation Drop-In